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Large Scale...ART

It's coming, big, beautiful and bold works of art! Don't worry, those oh so cool, occasionally difficult gallery walls are not leaving anytime soon, BUT big, bad ass cool pieces of art are making their way and in place of those sometimes complicated gallery walls.

I'm a huge fan of big art, no pun intended, because it's an impactful way to anchor a space without it being a piece of furniture or architectural feature, say like a fireplace. Large pieces stand alone or within a gallery, provide a focal point and a place for the eye to land. So, in true Cat Hanna fashion I'll keep it real, it's been challenging sourcing and finding not only unique, but affordable large scale goliaths. When I say affordable, I mean under $1k - keep in mind materials, print costs, shipping, and an artists costs money to go big! Moving on, I'll spare you some time and share with you some of my favorite places to track down some solid finds;

affordable location op. 1

Old faithful, Etsy...while sifting through the kajillion artist shops can be are some of my favorites;

Large Scale Art

Large Scale Art

Large Scale Art

affordable location op. 2

Artfully Walls Shhhhhhh......For the record.....this place is killer at sourcing and taking the guess work out of creating a perfectly curated gallery wall...#winning In addition to it's fabulous-ness, that is gallery walls, it's a great place to get prints, that you won't typically find at Hobby Lobby. Don't get me wrong we love us some Hob Lob - but having originals or prints from artists is really the way to make your space yours!

Jessica Kenyon - etsy shop currently on a break, BUT can also purchase her goodies through Artfully Walls

Large Scale Art

affordable location op. 3

TRY your local At Home or Home Goods BIG pieces, while mass produced you can occasionally find a piece that fits perfectly for your vibe! I would even encourage an awesome overscaled clock to do the trick, but for the sake of this post - color is king to bring life into a space.

*****Tip; Find some stunning fabric, or order some gorgeous wallpaper and have it framed! This beauty is from Calico Wallpaper Here's an example;

Large Scale Art

Photo by 2LG Studio

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